Airport Nikola Tesla Coworking Hub

Categories: ArtPublished On: 28.02.2019.1.4 min read
About the Author: Serbia Creates

Further to the launch of the pop-up exhibition some of the masterpieces on display at the newly-reopened National Museum of Serbia, the Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport now also offers a co-working space designed by young Serbian artists and designers.


Created by “Serbia Creates” in partnership with Belgrade Nikola Tesla International Airport and Air Serbia, and designed by the Creative Industries Council, at the initiative of the Prime Minister, the space features a quiet area with fast internet and information about the extensive range of co-working and co-living hubs in Serbia.


Co-working and co-living spaces, start-up centres, creative hubs and cultural stations are available throughout Serbia. Belgrade is host to 40% of these coworking spaces, the rest are in Vojvodina and central Serbia. Over 900 digital nomads make use of these spaces, around 40% of whom work in the IT industry, the remainder in other creative industries sectors such as marketing, design, photography and architecture. According to the Global Internet Freelance Market Overview for 2018, Serbia – with a population of 7 million and 24,605 freelancers, or 3.52 freelancers per 1000 people – has the highest density of digital freelancers in the world.


In January 2018, Vinci Airports was selected as the preferred bidder for the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport concession by Serbia and Airport Nikola Tesla (ANT). The company was awarded a 25-year concession to run Belgrade airport. The French airport operator will invest €732m in new infrastructure that includes financing, operation, maintenance, extension and upgrade of the existing airport terminal and runways. The company plans to make the airport a regional hub so that it could increase passenger numbers to 15 million per annum.