Airport Nikola Tesla – National Museum Pop Up

Categories: ArtPublished On: 15.01.2019.0.6 min read
About the Author: Serbia Creates

To mark the grand reopening of the National Museum in Belgrade after a 17 year hiatus, Serbia Creates launched a museum pop-up for travellers passing through Airport Nikola Tesla, and decorated the airport façade with replicas of the some of Serbia’s most treasured paintings.


In the museum pop-up, reproductions of National Museum Masterpieces such as Lautrec’s Female portrait, Šumanović’s Shepherdesses, Krstić and his famous painting Under the apple tree as well as Jakšić and his Girl in Blue are on display, offering both a new dimension to the airport and a tourism promotion for the art pieces exhibited at the National Museum itself.


Visit the free pop up between Gates C2 and C3 in a 130 m2 area