Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade

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About the Author: Serbia Creates

Serbia Creates oversaw the reopening of the Contemporary Art Museum of Belgrade on 20 October 2017 – the anniversary of the museum’s first opening 52 years earlier. One of Serbia’s top cultural sights, the museum collects and displays art works produced since 1900 in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. It also organizes international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The ten year renovation saw the entire building renovated and upgraded to meet current museum standards. The park surrounding the museum building was also reconstructed. The first exhibition to be held in the newly renovated museum was “Sequences” by Dejan Sretenović.


MOCAB is a treasure trove of 20th-century art from the ex-Yugoslav cultural space. The 1960s concrete-and-glass modernist building, surrounded by a sculpture park, has great views towards the Belgrade Fortress across the Sava River. Conceptual art features prominently. One section is dedicated to the 1920s Yugoslav avant-garde magazine Zenit and the Zenitism art movement.


The Contemporary Art Museum will host the first retrospective of globally renowned conceptual artist and Belgrade native Marina Abramovic. Her show, The Cleaner, opens in September 2019 and runs for six months.


Photo Zoran Mesarović