New Creative Ambassador – MAiKA

Categories: MusicPublished On: 28.05.2019.0.7 min read
About the Author: Serbia Creates

Creating new world music by fusing traditional brass with dance beats and female vocals, renowned for their energetic live performances. 


With their electrifying fusion of traditional Balkan roots and glitchy dance beats, the MAIKA is pushing the envelope of the so called “world music” genre. The combined mileage of each band member over the years has turned this five-piece combo into a brass-powered high-octane stage juggernaut whose sheer energy is matched only by the unremitting frenzy of its live acts. MAIKA’s intoxicating stage presence has gained them a cult following across the Balkans and parts of western Europe. The dazzling interplay of punk guitar riffs and gypsy accordion, together with screaming female vocals on top of throbbing bass lines, turns their every concert into a banging dancefloor mayhem.