Round Tables

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About the Author: Serbia Creates

Serbia Creates delivers a number of informative, educational and entertaining round tables and panel discussions on various topics in the field of creative industries. These panels typically tackle pertinent current issues faced by industry sub-sectors, but attempt to do so by seeking positive and constructive solutions.


Panels held to date include:


    • The Museum Has Opened; What Now?



Following the buzz and excitement surrounding the re-opening of the National Museum, the Council for Creative Industries and the Cabinet of the Prime Minister hosted a roundtable on July 17th 2018,. The roundtable was supported by the National Committee of ICOM Serbia. The Special guest of the roundtable was Mr. Christian Schicklgruber, director of the Welt Museum in Vienna that also re-opened after extensive renovations in late 2017. Roundtable participants were Bojana Borić Brešković, director of the National Museum in Belgrade, Slobodan Nakarada, director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, director of the Gallery of Matica Srpska in Novi Sad. The Moderator of the gathering was Professor Dr. Nikola Krstović, senior lecturer of Museology at the Department of Art History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. The roundtable discussed the issue of how the re-opening influences the redefinition of the permanent museum setting and program activities.


    • Serbian Contemporary Art in the World



On December 1, in the SANU Gallery on December 1st, leading contemporary arts practitioners discussed the values of creativity, innovation and originality in the arts sector which have the potential to influence Serbia’s position and perceptions on the world stage. The panel was attended by art historian Jerko Denegri, director of the Rome gallery Aleksandar Milojević, gallery director Bell Arte (Novi Sad) Vesna Latinović, Vitomir Jevremović (VR All Art), as well as Vuk Vidor artist. Panel moderator was Aleksandra Lazar, artistic director of the Drina Gallery and member of the Creative Industries Council.


    • Contemporary Serbian Literature



A panel session on Contemporary Serbian literature was held on Friday, December 21, 2018 at the Artget Gallery of the Cultural Center of Belgrade. Organized by the Prime Minister’s Creative Council, the panel focused on the key challenges around the presentation and market development of contemporary Serbian literary at international events and the promotion of Serbian authors worldwide.