Vinca, the first modern age – the world`s first metalwork!

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The transformation of rock into metal is a process that enabled humans to become masters of the world. It was in Vinca that metalworking began for the first time in history.

We partnered with “Every can counts”with the support of the startup “Solagro” to showcase the importance of recycling. We set up a VulCan at the Belgrade’s Republic Square to melt recycled cans and make Vinča statuettes in front of our visitors. This unusual event was held in front of the National Museum.

Vinca – a pioneer of metallurgy

Photo: Marina Bugarčić

„Vinca’s statuette made out of recycled cans, symbolises not only the knowledge that was being carried through generations and centuries, but also reminds us that we should continue the path started by our ancestors, using new achievements, meaning – we should recycle”, said Jelena Kis from Every Can Counts and added: “We are extremely honored to cooperate with the site of Vinca Belo brdo, where the first traces of metal processing in the world were found.

Photo: Marina Bugarčić

Throughout history, metals have been melted down and turned into new objects. Today, aluminium cans can also be recycled. In Europe, 76 percent of cans are recycled, but we want it increase it more.

 Vinca particles are in our phones

Miroslav Kočić, executive manager of the archeological site Vinca-Belo Brdo, revealed more about  the culture of Vinca and showed how connected we are with the people who lived  7,000 years before us.

Photo: Marina Bugarčić

“Vinca was a pioneer of creativity, community and innovation. People then started living in large communities, which was seen for the first time in the history of humanity. This marks the beginning of humanity’s urban lifestyle. The dynamic exchange of not only good, but also ideas all around Europe and beyond, truly makes Vinca the first modern age.”

Vinca Belo Brdo open-air museum

“The Vinca Belo Brdo site is of the most significant examples of European and world cultural heritage. This site has been neglected for decades. At the initiative of the Prime Minister’s Office and the National Platform Serbia Creates, the revitalization of this site was declared a Capital Project of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. This is the first step not only in preservation, but also in the presentation of treasures only 20 kilometers from the center of Belgrade. As the center of Neolithic sites throughout Serbia, this is a symbol of unity, creativity and innovation that the people of Vinča left us as a legacy, “said Bojana Višekruna, advisor to the Prime Minister of Serbia for creative industries and science.

Višekruna adds that, from this event, recycled figures of “Vidovdanka” will be in the permanent offer of the souvenir shop of the National Museum in Belgrade.

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