VR-All-Art at Deloitte’s Art & Finance Conference in Monaco

Categories: InnovationPublished On: 05.10.2019.0.8 min read
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Deloitte’s 12th annual Art & Finance Conference will be held in Monaco on 14 October with the theme “New Collector Trends in Art & Finance”. Vitomir Jevremovic, CEO of VR-All-Art, was invited to join the panel “Private Museums: trends and the impact of virtual reality”. Along with other internationally distinguished industry experts, he will speak about VR and how it can change the present trends in the art market.


From the start, VR-All-Art’s mission has been to introduce virtual and augmented reality to the art world, as well as to educate institutions and individuals who operate in the arts and culture sphere about all of the benefits these technologies can bring. In recent years, the intersection between art and technology has become one of the main topics of Deloitte’s Art & Finance Conferences as the art market is gradually embracing the new digital technologies.