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On May 23rd, 2019, Belgrade hosted a prestigious conference, that gathered over 400 world leaders in innovation, science, technology, economics, arts and medicine.


WORLD.MINDS is a curated community of leaders in science, the arts and business that’s driven by passion and curiosity. WORLD.MINDS meets once a year in Zurich for a closed-door Annual Symposium that features incredible, inspiring scientists working on the most cutting edge, innovative and creative programs seen anywhere in the world. This event was held outside of Switzerland for the very first time and the organizers have chosen Belgrade to be its host.


The Serbian creative and digital industries have played an active role in the WORLD.MINDS community, with both President Vučić and Prime Minister Brnabić participating in the Zurich event in previous years. In 2018, two Serbian speakers – Vladimir Mastilovic of ground-breaking “digital humans” company 3Lateral, and urologist and gender reassignment surgery specialist Dr Miroslav Đorđevic – received the immense honor of speaking in Switzerland to the invited audience.


This year, twelve exceptional scientists talked about their amazing, ground-breaking, inspiring projects. The event also included a number of formal and informal networking opportunities. At the intersection of science and creativity, WORLD.MINDS BELGRADE celebrates innovation and inventiveness in Serbia. Тhat said, three exceptional Serbian presenters have joined nine international speakers on the main stage at the National Theatre:


Milica Mastilović from 3Lateral


Milica Mastilović co-founded 3Lateral, Serbian startup bought by Epic Games last year. That investment is considered as one of the biggest investments in Serbian startups so far.
– 3Lateral is developing software and hardware for human faces scanning. At first we scan basic expressions of the face, and then detailed models are being developed where we can even see dots and wrinkles on the skin. It might have the biggest use in the entertainment industries, but if we look deeper into it, you will see that it can be applicable in medicine or biometrics for creating a recognition model – said Milica.


Marija Mitrović Dankulov from the Institute of Physics Belgrade (Teslagram)


Teslagram, an unbreakable digital security technology developed at the Institute of Physics Belgrade by Marija Mitrović Dankulov and her team, is based on the uniqueness of butterfly wing scales. The biggest advantage of Teslagram is its wide area of application.
– This technology protects your documents, products, credit cards, art pieces, fashion brands, medicines or software. In combination with a secure data base, blockchain for instance, Teslagram offers an innocuous security of objects in the real world and data in the digital world – said Marija Mitrović Dankulov during her speech.


Vesna Bengin, Biosense Institute


Vesna Bengin, one of the founders of Biosense Institute, talked about new agriculture era and the importance of the research within this field.
– By the year 2050. we will have 10 billion people on Earth and we will have to produce 70% more food. How to make agriculture more efficient? Firstly we have to understand this ecosystem in order to optimize it.