Partners of the Platform

“We are happy and proud for Serbia Creates to join b.creative. We are looking forward to working with Serbia Creates to support the development of creative entrepreneurship and help local talent to network with fellow cultural and creative entrepreneurs throughout the world.”

Philippe Kern, Founder and Managing Director, KEA European Affairs

“I expect that the new creative-innovative multifunctional centar Ložionica will develop as a connecting tissue and hybrid space for different forms, genres and branches of art. It would be good if it becomes the entry point for international cooperation and global exchange – not only a space for foreign artists to visit, but also for Serbian artists that are based abroad, to come back and create their art in Ložionica”.

Andrej Nosov, Director, Heartefact Foundation

“Congratulations to Serbia and the national platform Serbia Creates on the excellent initiative. Today, more than ever, successful state nation branding programs must be established and be based on, or connected to the actual state support for the community to solve and ease its major challenges. The ICD sees therefore a great potential of Serbia benefiting from being engaged in cultural diplomacy activities in many significant ways.”

Mark C. Donfried, the Director of the ICD

Our partners and collaborators – together, we are building a Serbia that creates

Film in Serbia; Film Center Serbia; EXIT Foundation; The Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN); The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia; Republic of Serbia Innovation Fund; Cultural Center Grad; BITEF; FEST; ARLEMM; Krokodil Festival; Novi Sad 2022; OPENS; Heartefact; Coworking Association Serbia (CAS); National Theatre in Belgrade; National Museum; Museum of Modern Art; Belgrade City Museum; Nikola Tesla Museum; Jugoslovenska Kinoteka; Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment; Belgrade Jazz Festival; Guitar Art Festival; Serbian Gaming Association; Belgrade Cultural Network; Belo Brdo Vinca Archaeological Site; Lepenski Vir Archaeological Site; Science Technology Park Belgrade; Science Technology Park Čačak; Science Technology Park Niš; Science Technology Park Novi Sad; Digital Serbia Initiative; World Music Association Serbia; Serbia4Youth; L’Institut français de Serbie; British Council; Serbian Chamber of Commerce; Development Agency of Serbia; Belgrade Waterfront; Air Serbia; Crater Studio; Drugstore Belgrade; Bora Stanković Theatre; City of Čačak; City of Vranje; City of Novi Sad; University of Arts in Belgrade; Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade; City of Belgrade; World Minds; Tourism Organisation of Serbia; Nikola Tesla Airport; University of Belgrade Faculty of Economics; Data Centar; Union of Architects of Serbia; Lazar Bodroža; Futro; Piccolo Flute Festival; Oboa Fest; Ensemble Metamorphosis; Rambo Amadeus; International Festival of Musical Documentaries Dok’n’Ritam; International Festival Isidora Žebeljan; Austrian Music Export; UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture; Austrian Cultural Forum.