Project Description

Serbia creates in London

A center for showcasing the Serbian creativity, innovation, and technology scene and a presentation of Serbia’s economic, scientific, and tourism potential.

Project Description

The creativity and innovation hub will encompass a gallery space, as well as communal spaces for workshops, lectures, cultural events, business meetings, and even individual work. On the one hand, the hub is envisioned as a place where British citizens will be able to learn more about Serbia and its economic and tourist potentials along with creative and technological achievements, thus helping to redefine the image of modern Serbia in the eyes of the local population and supporting efforts to bring more investment and tourist traffic to our country. On the other hand, the Creative Embassy will be a place for Serbian nationals either living or travelling in Great Britain, who will be able to utilize it for their work, meetings, workshops and similar programs.

The hub’s aim will be to promote circular migration as a way of strengthening ties with the British diaspora and ensuring the preservation of our language and culture among the population. The project is implemented by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Embassy of Serbia in London, in close cooperation with The Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and the national platform Serbia Creates. The hub is planned to open its doors in the second half of 2022.

Soft power

The New Face of Modern Serbia

The opening of this unique establishment is guided by the goal of utilizing soft power to present to the world a new face of Serbia that creates: a modern country that uses its creativity to change itself and the world. Through presentations, programs, and various forms of public diplomacy, the idea is to promote the values of contemporary Serbia: creativity, innovation, authenticity, knowledge and talent in all aspects – social, cultural, scientific, commercial, and tourist.

The London Creative Embassy will be the first of its kind globally. In the future, it will be complemented by a network of similar establishments, which, along with the “Ložionica” center in Belgrade, will be in charge of the positioning and global promotion of Serbia’s creative capacities.

Architectural Solution

Formerly the site of the JAT (Yugoslav Aerotransport Company) London Branch, the Dering Street building is a protected cultural heritage site. The proposed architectural solution designed by Inka studio therefore, is primarily concentrated on preserving the building’s integrity. With an area of 199 square meters, it consists of a basement and four floors. The basement will be transformed into a kitchen area with a small cocktail room. The ground and first floors are to become a gallery and exhibition space, while the second and third floor will feature multifunctional spaces for business meetings, presentations, and individual work.

Activities and Programs

The hub’s activities will center around creative industries, innovation, culture, science, tourism, and commerce, working closely with Serbian institutions, organizations, companies and individuals that have gained international recognition or have products with export potential. Apart from that, the hub will provide support for all programs, initiatives, and individuals with international potential by helping them in the process of entering the global arena. In a nutshell, it will be a platform for presentation, promotion, and international cooperation.