Serbian musicians thrill the audience at Eurosonic in the Netherlands

Categories: MusicPublished On: 31.01.2024.3 min read
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This was so far, the most notable performance of the united Serbian music scene at a prestigious European festival – with the participation of a record number of musicians, music professionals from Serbia and the platform Serbia creates music.

Musicians Lenhard Tapes, Iva Lorens and the band Skier & Yeti presented Serbia as part of the biggest performance of our music industry so far at the prestigious European festival Eurosonic Nordeslag, which was traditionally supported by the national platform Serbia Creates and Radio Belgrade. In addition, the largest number of music professionals from Serbia presented themselves at this year’s festival.

The performance of our artists was followed by a large number of European and world music professionals, festival representatives and media who gave very positive reviews. Central Euronews listed Iva Lorens’s performance as one of the most notable at this year’s Eurosonic:

“The Serbian singer-songwriter bases her music on the sound of the 80s as she confidently struts around the stage. Her strong voice and smooth pop production prove that Serbia is still an exciting source of musical talent”.

“Serbian musician Iva Lorens performed the songs ‘Udarci’ and ‘Hey (Nisi Više Isti)’ in her native language in front of the assembled leaders of the music industry – hooray for Shazam! – that have the breath of electropop and that penetrates the language barrier. One of the songs that Shazam can’t identify sounds like a slowed-down song “Sweet Child Of Mined” and it’s a real ace up its sleeve,” according to the prestigious British media outlet Hot Press.

“Skier & Yeti – By far the most absurd performance at Eurosonic, because who uses their skis as a bass and electric guitar? It’s not often that a real Yeti even sits down to the drum. The skier and the Yeti: sworn enemies, one might say. Still, the musical symbiosis is admirable. A wonderful performance that will not be quickly forgotten”, says the Make a Fuzz portal, while for Lenhard Tapes’ performance they point out:

“Armed with Walkmans, tapes and effects equipment, he begins to move between tribal, traditional sounds and white noise. He devotes himself to his equipment, as if he were in his own factory of musical machines, when suddenly the voice of the singer Svetlana Spajić is heard, who enthusiastically performs traditional songs, together creating an increasingly fascinating show.”

Representatives of the Serbia Creates Music platform presented the Serbian music industry and its potential for development by participating in the panel “Western Balkans: from a concrete utopia towards concrete opportunities”, together with colleagues from Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia, also by participating in the “networking” segment, but and as one of the hosts at the event where all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe presented themselves.

In the professional segment, as part of the ESNS Exchange program, which is currently the largest European project to support young and up-and-coming music stars, this year Arsenal Fest joined the EXIT festival, while industry professionals attended the festival such as Lovefest, Kontakt Showcase, Kontra Rights, Radio Belgrade, Euronews.


Eurosonic Nordeslag is a music platform that takes place in the form of a festival and conference every January in the Dutch city of Groningen, bringing together more than 4,000 professionals from the festival industry to present European bands and performers who have left their mark on the music industry in the previous year. In previous years, the national platform Serbia creates supported the performances of Konstrakta, as well as the bands Maika and Buč Kesidi at the Eurosonic festival.