National platform Serbia creates at the Forum in Cairo

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About the Author: Serbia Creates

The national platform Serbia creates participated in the prestigious Forum in Cairo, a one-day international conference dedicated to strategies for expanding the global creative economy. The forum served as a key platform for developing partnerships aimed at building sustainable, future-oriented economies, confirming the role of the creative sector as a rapidly growing component of the world economy. The forum provided diverse perspectives, using case studies and policy initiatives from Africa, Asia and beyond. Key topics discussed included Intellectual Property, intermediaries and improving skills and education in the creative sector. Dynamic exchange of knowledge through discussions with international experts, panel discussions and informal interactions, enabled a comprehensive understanding of the potential and challenges of the creative industries.

The conference highlighted the “Global Agenda for Cultural and Creative Industries: 11 Key Actions”, in response to the UN General Assembly’s call for joint efforts to rebuild after Covid-19. This agenda, designed by the International Advisory Board of the UK Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Center and convened by the British Council, represents two years of global collaboration and discussion. The National Platform Serbia Creates is actively working to integrate these recommendations into its strategic initiatives, recognizing the value of international policies and research into the cultural and creative industries.

Participation in the forum was part of the British Council’s “Wider Europe” initiative, which aims to support non-EU countries to stay abreast of the sector’s development. The initiative’s emphasis on inclusive information sharing is aligned with the goals of the platform, which acts as an intermediary in catalyzing the growth of the wider creative community in Serbia.

The participation of the national platform Serbia Creates at the Cairo Forum improved cross-cultural exchange, developed strategic international partnerships and provided an opportunity to share best practices – increasing Serbia’s global reach, competitiveness and commitment to sustainable development. This engagement has positioned the organization at the forefront of cultural diplomacy, advocating for a resilient creative sector that is vital to both the local and international economic and cultural landscape.