Visitors from all over the world enjoyed the jazz spectacle created by Nenad Vasilić at Expo 2020 Dubai

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Nenad Vasilić, one of the leading European musicians and a creative ambassador of the National Platform “Serbia Creates”, delivered an unusual Jazz spectacle to remember, performing at the Serbian Pavilion at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.

After the jazz concerts, Nenad shared his impressions:

“We are extremely honored to represent our country in the world. As we live in Austria, we are often asked to represent Austria, but there is nothing more beautiful than to represent our country – our beloved Serbia; to see how people from different parts of the planet react to our culture and music and introduce them to it.

We are extremely proud of how our country is presented at the World’s Fair in Dubai and I must say that from what I saw at the Expo, I like our Pavilion the most, it is the most charming and with the most style”, concluded Vasilić.

🚀 Double bass and Deep Purple music players? It is possible – Nenad Vasilic

Nenad Vasilić, a double bass player, a composer and arranger and a complete, sophisticated rhythm section, all in one person, combines jazz, improvisation and world music in a unique way, making it his own.

Nenad Vasilić trio, jazz concerts at Expo

Inspired by a diligent research of Balkan folk music and its merging with European improvised music and jazz, this great pedagogue, musician and composer amazes audiences around the world with over 40 original compositions.

These compositions are a fruit of his playing skills and education acquired at the Jazz Academy in Graz and his penchant for Balkan music.

A native of Niš, with a southern temperament, Vasilić gladly performed in Niš taverns in his early youth, with local folk orchestras.

Over time, a more precise conception crystallized: a fusion of European jazz and improvised music, with melodies and rhythms from the rich heritage of Balkan folklore with which he grew up.

Nenad vasilić trio, jazz concerts at Expo

When he describes his music, Vasilić avoids the term “Balkan jazz”, because he brings snippets of jazz, folklore, classical music, heavy metal rock or world music into it so he calls it simply – my music.”.