Stefan Milenković: Art Is The Best Way To Promote A Country

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During the previous period, CorD magazine addressed our national platform Srbija Stvara, wishing to receive comments and statements from some of our creative ambassadors, including Stefan Milenković, on two issues:

  • What image should modern Serbia have?
  • How much did the creatives manage to change our understanding of Serbia and how much did Serbia give them?

Seven of them gave their views and answers: Miloš Biković, Uroš Petrović, Ivana Vasić English, and after we presented what Slobodan Trkulja, Sofija Stefanović, and Ana Krstajić said, now is Stefan’s turn.

Стефан Миленковић

Stefan Milenković: Serbia is a modern and creative country

It really seems as though Serbia is on the right track; that today’s Serbia is a modern, creative country that’s open to various ideas. It is a country that isn’t afraid to have a dialogue with anyone, that isn’t afraid of having a different opinion, but also of respecting different attitudes. This is important because it is often in those points where thinking becomes skewed, coming up with a creative step and new ideas.

It is invaluable that Serbia is nurturing its creative people and creative industries, and that this is recognised abroad, given that we really have a lot of potential and a lot of fantastic people who want to work, create and be part of the world, in the most professional sense. And today, thanks to technology, that’s easier than ever before.

Стефан Миленковић_CordD

In this area Serbia is also very well positioned on the international map. It is important for us to be aware of global trends generally, regardless of the branch of industry in question, because that’s what puts us on the map and enables people to want to work with us. Communication and understanding form the basis of every job and every success.

Stefan: I am here to help, as much as I can, with my knowledge and energy. That was not the case before, and now the situation is significantly different

We have many individuals who’ve been Serbian ambassadors to the world throughout the years. Unfortunately, they’ve most commonly been ambassadors who were resident abroad, because it was extremely tough for almost every industry in Serbia at one point or other. Those who had the opportunity to leave did so just to maintain continuity and that, in a way, was their only opportunity to help their country. To continue their activities…

That has changed a lot and it now seems to me that Serbia is very fertile ground, precisely for creative and innovative people, talented individuals with lots of ideas and the energy to work and create. And then it is certain that such people, groups or even companies really contribute to positively improving the image of their country. I can only personally talk about my industry, about art.

Гудачка репрезентација младих и Стефан Миленкковић

In my opinion, that is the best way to promote any country. Not only with the help of talented people who are already celebrated and have stable and successful careers, but also with the help of young people who are on the rise. They need an environment in which they can develop themselves freely. And that always, and I mean always, must be a two-way street; for us to be open to the world and to leave the door open for the world to come to us. We need to set aside space for the exchange of ideas and quality, because that is the recipe for a good reputation and optimal development.

🚀 Winners of the competition for the Young String representation – play with Stefan in Dubai

As for how much Serbia has given its creatives, I can only speak on the basis of what I’ve seen in recent times and state that a lot of work is really being done on that. One can see positive momentum and a willingness to invest in all creative industries, talented and young individuals who are just being formed, with the idea that their country takes care of them and enables them to acquire the best possible education.

It is particularly dear to me to see really good will, energy, a positive and strong tailwind for personal growth and development. And, again, that is the best way to promote the country itself. I’m very happy to be part of that wave!

In the coming period, we will regularly publish all the comments of our creative ambassadors, and you can read the full text on the CorD website.

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